The photographs of N.P. Thompson

Late afternoon light, early March



For this inaugural series at Centuries Since the Day, I present 14 images (minus one) under the rubric, “Late afternoon light, early March.” With a single exception, these were taken on March 7th, between 4 and 6, hours when the shadows lengthened and the blue sky, hazy to begin with, drained of all color.

The setting: downtown Denver, in a corridor of the city where gleaming new lofts and condos are sandwiched in between the Platte River and the trainyards.

I’ve resisted adding tags, preferring to let the shots speak on their own, or in tandem with one another, but without editorializing. The unguided tour begins here with “Watertower” and ends with “bare branches in grey light.”

N.P. Thompson


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