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talent pool


triangle pose

train approaching

the savage cruelty of the Oniskos

“As they rode up to the door, a man came out, bare-headed, and they saw to their surprise that he was not a Mexican, but an American, of a very unprepossessing type. He spoke to them in some drawling dialect they could scarcely understand and asked if they wanted to stay the night. During the few words they exchanged with him Father Latour felt a growing reluctance to remain even for a few hours under the roof of this ugly, evil-looking fellow. He was tall, gaunt and ill-formed, with a snake-like neck, terminating in a small, bony head. Under his close-clipped hair this repellent head showed a number of thick ridges, as if the skull joinings were overgrown by layers of superfluous bone. With its small, rudimentary ears, this head had a positively malignant look. The man seemed not more than half human, but he was the only householder on the lonely road to Mora.”

— Willa Cather, describing the murderer Buck Scales in Death Comes for the Archbishop.

spinning wheel

dark figure with cream-coloured ponies

black roses

girders, with glints of sunlight

elevator after the rain

this is it, and this is everything