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walk into the sea

Originally posted June 24, 2012

watching the waves

Pacific Grove, California, late March 2013

in the red

Fuck Trump. Fuck the mango-wigged, Russian asset pussy cry baby & his fucking enablers, the Senate Republi-cunts.

Defending democracy is patriotic.


Originally posted June 22, 2012

ceilings & feelings

West Cleveland, mid-June 2020

Empire Plow

Last in a series from this depressing place…

Incidentally, while I was snapping this shot, I heard a voice behind me calling, “Young man, young man…” As I’m in my early 50s, I could not quite believe that “young man” was intended for me, but indeed it was, from a character in an orange t-shirt, who informed me that if I wanted something to photograph, he had the very thing in his backyard, if only I would follow him that instant. I respectfully declined.

Advice to photographers: stay away from East 65th Street & Bessemer in Cleveland. Verily, stay away from Cleveland, period.

motor patterns 2

More of the same…

motor patterns

Somewhere in the hinterlands of a post-industrial-era ghetto on the lugubrious east side, somewhere near Slavic Village…


the next voice you hear

Originally posted February 24, 2011

lose yourself in penury

Originally posted May 18, 2009

phases of feeling

Originally posted June 4th, 2009 as “sexual nature.”

Park Slope row

Originally posted March 25, 2009. Date snapped? I’ve forgotten.

light in the dark

an ending…

white poinsettias

For a peaceful season…

Streer Peterson house


New England, 2013

I don’t think Mozart is going to help at all

In memory of John Simon

May 12, 1925 – November 24, 2019

of paradise where roses grew

In memory of P.J.S. on her sixty-third birthday.

the six

anyone’s dream

Originally posted June 28, 2012


framing device

vertical blues