The photographs of N.P. Thompson


in the red

Fuck Trump. Fuck the mango-wigged, Russian asset pussy cry baby & his fucking enablers, the Senate Republi-cunts.

Defending democracy is patriotic.


Originally posted June 22, 2012

ceilings & feelings

West Cleveland, mid-June 2020

phases of feeling

Originally posted June 4th, 2009 as “sexual nature.”

of paradise where roses grew

In memory of P.J.S. on her sixty-third birthday.

vertical blues

the last row

the company of flowers

In memory of P.J.S. on her sixty-second birthday.

blue curtains

Cather’s colour

“…for me you are the only real poet of the sea, whereas you claim that it is only the ship itself you wanted to exalt… I don’t think you ever took my obsession with the sea seriously…in fact, because of my birth, childhood, and ancient insular atavism on a small Caribbean island, the sea is to me something absolutely basic, mingled with my very blood; and without my noticing, it has spread to every part of my being.

…one cannot stray far from the sea except by straying from oneself.”

Saint-Leger Leger, in a letter to Joseph Conrad, February 1921

turn of the waltz

golf American – a Wonderland

Let us go then, you and I…

dialing M

pretty dreams will rise up

pretty dreams will rise up

In memory of Jeanne Lee (January 29, 1939 – October 25, 2000)


In memory of P.J.S. on her fifty-ninth birthday.

schizophrenics by moonlight

schizophrenics by moonlight

shelf life

shelf life

Minneapolis polar bear

Minneapolis polar bear

Summer of ’94…

being somewhere else

being somewhere else

Merry Christmas!

the Hannon eye

the Hannon eye

hydrangeas, just beginning

hydrangeas just beginning

in the blue

in the blue


“We are tempted into thinking ourselves in peculiar situations. If you look closely, man’s found himself in the same sort of situations from the beginning. And what you discover is that particular minds along the way deal with the same problems. You begin to get a community of thought in relation to those problems as you go along. It ought to be of some hope in a dark age — which I take ours to be; I think we’re in a darker age than the late Middle Ages, and we take that to be a particularly dark age; I think there was more light about then.” — author Marion Montgomery, in the Athens Observer, 1981


“We will stay in a villa with a private pool with rose petals floating in it… We won’t leave before all those petals have withered away.” — Cor Schilder, 2014, passenger on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17




mosaic in the morning

mosaic in the morning