The photographs of N.P. Thompson


watching the waves

Pacific Grove, California, late March 2013


Originally posted June 22, 2012

phases of feeling

Originally posted June 4th, 2009 as “sexual nature.”

white poinsettias

For a peaceful season…


New England, 2013

I don’t think Mozart is going to help at all

In memory of John Simon

May 12, 1925 – November 24, 2019

of paradise where roses grew

In memory of P.J.S. on her sixty-third birthday.



crepe myrtle at cathedral entrance

the company of flowers

In memory of P.J.S. on her sixty-second birthday.

lining the pool

Cather’s colour

“…for me you are the only real poet of the sea, whereas you claim that it is only the ship itself you wanted to exalt… I don’t think you ever took my obsession with the sea seriously…in fact, because of my birth, childhood, and ancient insular atavism on a small Caribbean island, the sea is to me something absolutely basic, mingled with my very blood; and without my noticing, it has spread to every part of my being.

…one cannot stray far from the sea except by straying from oneself.”

Saint-Leger Leger, in a letter to Joseph Conrad, February 1921


For a peaceful Christmas…

Originally posted December 20, 2010

foxglove hours

foxglove, Goose Hollow

Calla wave

“The calla lilies are in bloom again.
Such a strange flower…”

– Kate Hepburn, Stage Door

lamps & leaves

down there

shadowed spring

shadowed spring

this side up

this side up


In memory of P.J.S. on her fifty-ninth birthday.

schizophrenics by moonlight

schizophrenics by moonlight



open, to Spring

a long dream

a long dream