The photographs of N.P. Thompson

shaded panels

late September

from a tour of the Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home, one year ago.

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From the perspective of emerging out of the glass elevator that connects the fifteenth floor of the Lamar Building with the penthouse that rests three storeys above it.

The structure, made of marble and glass, was designed by architect I.M. Pei in 1975—a commission from Senator R. Eugene Holley. Until the Senator’s arrest and subsequent imprisonment on charges of bank fraud, the penthouse served as his office in the sky.

The space is currently a studio for the painter Randy Lambeth, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for permission to invade and shoot.

Color shots of the interior are first here and then there.

talent pool

triangle pose

shaded panels.i

shaded panels i

One of six.

shaded panels.ii

shaded panels ii

shaded panels.iii

shaded panels iii

shaded panels.iv

shaded panels iv

shaded panels.v

shaded panels v

Rotate your head to the right at a forty-five degree angle to achieve maximum viewing pleasure.


shaded panels vi