The photographs of N.P. Thompson


Park Slope row

Originally posted March 25, 2009. Date snapped? I’ve forgotten.

Dear Viewers,

Although I typically wouldn’t make such an appeal via my photo blog, present circumstances seem like as good a moment as any to solicit your kindness.

Thank you,


light in the dark

an ending…

white poinsettias

For a peaceful season…

Streer Peterson house


New England, 2013

I don’t think Mozart is going to help at all

In memory of John Simon

May 12, 1925 – November 24, 2019

of paradise where roses grew

In memory of P.J.S. on her sixty-third birthday.

the six

anyone’s dream

Originally posted June 28, 2012


framing device

vertical blues

arriving Seattle

Originally posted February 28, 2013




no one watching

My (so it seemed then) Antonioni-esque view of an unpopulated tennis court somewhere in the Deep South on a long-ago, forgotten summer day.

crepe myrtle at cathedral entrance

lace and shadow

the neighborhood

Lamar Penthouse

just we two



to Hell with Brian Kemp

Fuck “Governor” Brian Kemp, or Brine Kemp, as genteel Georgia trash no doubt mispronounce his holy name.

Fuck all Republicans, for that matter.